Why move with Rhino Prompt Movers?

Finding a reliable mover might prove extremely difficult, especially in the current economy. There are lots of good moving companies that promise to provide you with the very best services, but it is a challenge to prove if you have acquired a moving company that will provide you with a move of your dream.

The biggest challenge for anyone that is intending to move today, considering the global social-economic situation is getting professional movers with pocket friendly prices for their moving services.


Fortunately for you, if you are planning to use the services of professional movers then you should consider Rhino

Prompt Movers Ltd, we are the industry experts when it comes to helping people move from their homes at pocket friendly prices.

Below is a list of some of the ways that we will add value to your moving experience and the numerous advantages that you can gain when you utilize our high quality and professional moving services:

  1. Experienced man power

Our team is lead by highly experienced leaders with over 10 years of experience in the moving and relocation industry. This is not mentioning their adequate experience in the transport industry which should boost your confidence for a safe move.

  1. We care about the safety of our clients’ possessions.

Our team is well trained and experienced when it comes to handling our clients’ goods. We ensure all the utensils are wrapped with special cushion papers to avoid breakages and damage. They are later packed in sizeable boxes. All other standard size items are also packed in boxes to enhance safety during loading, transit and offloading.

  1. Professional customer support

We professionally handle our clients from the first day you call for inquiries to the day we move you to new destination. We have got the best customer support to answer all your queries as well as guide you through about the company and more services.

  1. Exclusive and timely services

We offer exclusive services to our clients, which includes the following:

  • Disassembly of furniture such as, cabinets, mirrors and dining tables etc as well as packaging items in customized boxes.
  • We offer a team of experienced and professional movers who are friendly and polite to our clients and fellow employees.
  • Team leaders and supervisors on the job site who ensure they give a good survey of the items before moving, during moving and after moving.
  • Fully professional moving trucks which are big enough to transport your possessions. This ensures the items are loaded in the best way to avoid breakages and damage.