How to Move Computers - rhino prompt

Tips : How to move a computer – Rhino Prompt

Every intelligent business owner plans early enough for every detail that will be required
during a move. Some of the packing errands have to be done by the owners themselves
while others are left to be tackled by professional movers. A computer is an item that
you can be able to pack by yourself instead of leaving that for the movers. The process
is not hard but you have to be careful to ensure proper packing to prevent damage
during transport.

Step 1 :Get the right packing materials 
You should ensure the original boxes you purchased a computer with are kept properly
and safely. This is the best box for packing and moving a computer. However, if you do
not have it you can use boxes but put shock absorbing materials inside to protect the
computers from an impact. Ensure you have enough wrapping materials to wrap it and
ensure it is taped to prevent it from falling off the box during the move.

Step 2 : Ensure your data is backed up

Ensure you have your data backed up either in a hard disk or remotely in the cloud. This
should be done before disassembling the computer. This guards the client against the
loss of data due to a mishap or accident on the road. Always remember there could also
be natural disasters like flash floods which the mover cannot control. However, we at
Rhino Prompt movers take every bit of caution from understanding the prevailing
weather patterns to using very high-quality packing materials to ensure our clients’
possessions are safe during a move.

Step 3 : Packing the Central Processing Unit (CPU)

Do not remove or disassemble the internal components of a CPU during a move. Use a
bubble wrap and wrap the entire Unit. You can also use a blanket t to offer to pad during
the move.

Step 4 – Moving the Monitor

Wrap the monitor with a bubble wrap severally. Ensure the wrapping is done very well
as it is more prone to damage. You can also use a blanket to wrap it before placing it in
a box for the final move.

Step 5 – Packing the Accessories

Ensure the cables are properly tied together using cable ties. This is to prevent the
cables and the cords from getting entangled during the move.
If you follow the above guidelines you will be able to have a successful move. We at
Rhino Prompt movers have the right packaging materials and skills to conduct a
successful move for you as we have very experienced movers to take care of your
moving needs.

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