Rhino Prompt Movers – Moving Packing and Preparation Tips

Valuable moving Information for a Local Move or Long Distance Move

  • Rhino Prompt Movers Packing Crews are available for complete or partial packing services.
  • All packing should be completed prior to the arrival of your moving crew.
  • Unpacked items will not be moved.
  • If you are packing yourself, have a magic marker, knife and packing tape readily available.
  • Label each carton: 1. Room to be delivered to at new home. 2. Contents. Brief description. 3. Special instructions: “Fragile,” “This End Up,” etc. 4. Unpacking priority: unpack first/last.
  • It is often easier to pack one room at a time. Start with the least used areas of the home: attic, garage, storage and basement. Then, move onto the living areas.
  • Clear a good sized work space for wrapping fragile items: a dining room table or kitchen island is ideal.
  • All cartons should be taped both on the top and bottom. Books and other heavy items need to be double taped on the bottom of the carton.
  • Pack heavy items on the bottom, lighter items on the top. Do not pack breakable items with heavy non- breakable items.
  • Make sure that all breakable items have an inch of paper cushioning between layers.
  • Use towels or linens as extra padding for fragile cartons.
  • Slightly over-pack each carton before closing. This adds strength to the carton.
  • We recommend that you move your valuable fragile cartons. Same for items of excessive value (jewelery, coins, bonds, cash).
  • Use up most of your food supply to eliminate extra packing and unpacking.
  • Fill suitcases with sweaters, linens or clothing. A good idea is to pack suitcases with clothing that you will need the first few days after the move.
  • Pack electronics in original cartons if available.
  • Clothing may be left in dressers. All breakables, valuables and non-clothing items should be removed.
  • Antique dressers should be moved empty.
  • Liquids in containers that are not factory sealed should not be packed to prevent leakage and possible furniture damage.

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